existence, and never need be, should spend the Ages of Eternity in bliss, which they would never miss, if they were never created! We know the answer they all gave, as they donned the uniform of sacred duty. We gaze upon the Throne under which (Ezekiel 1) and above which (Isaiah 6:1-3), the Almighty placed the Cherubim and Seraphim with their ceaseless call for consecration, those living creatures, which in Heaven represented the four-fold creation of earth, so utterly dependent upon the love, patience and self-sacrifice of their Creators: and hear God's appeal to ourselves, "Be ye Holy for I am Holy".

As our study proceeds we shall find ourselves from time to time face to face with the very simple fact, that the Universe will never prosper until all within it who are free are as determined to make a success of it as are the Trinity. The Holiness of God is not sufficient by itself to bring success: He needs all His creatures to be holy too, to have that consecration to the demands of Love, without which no man will be able to look at God, but will cower away at the realisation of his own selfishness. The usual thought, even amongst Christians, is that, if only God would take us all to Heaven all would be well. Whereas the fact is that it was in Heaven that sin and unhappiness and selfishness began and set the Angels at that mortal conflict with each other, which has lasted to this day! (2 Chronicles 18:20; Daniel 10:13; Ephesians 6:10-12; Revelation 12:7-9). If Angels fight in Heaven so could men! Sin is not the result of surroundings, but the shaper of them. The simple fact is that the root of all unhappiness, whether in Heaven or on earth, is selfishness, the desire to have something for oneself. Men hate God because He insists upon practical unselfishness (Luke 10:37). Yet happiness can only come when all selfishness is ended, either by repentance or the eternal prevention of Hell. In