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Foundation Truths by C. L. Parker

It was through my brother, Clarence, who was privileged to be a student at Hampstead Bible School under Mr. C. L. Parker, a regular tutor, that I was first introduced to these gripping studies on Foundation Truths. Later, it was my joy to hear, for myself, this gracious and godly man expound these rousing and thought provoking Bible doctrines in the lecture room. The impact he made upon me is with me still. In 50 years of pastoral work in Assemblies of God I have had repeated need to thank God for them. They have constantly formed a basis for discussion with ardent truth-seeking young people. I now recommend this Third Edition to all true lovers of the Word of God.

Clyde Young, Pastor, Hebron Church, Sunderland.

"Foundation Truths", based on Hebrews 6,1-2, contains the essence of his teaching, built around his graphic representation of man's Spirit, Soul and Body (1 Thessalonians 5,23) - to which he gave the name 'Archie'! Any readers of these pages will find themselves challenged and stimulated theologically and generally, whether or not they agree with all Mr Parker's conclusions.

John L. Parker