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'Original Sin' and Eternal Punishment
A Fresh Study by C. L. Parker

This particular booklet has been called forth because of the deep fog which surrounds the doctrines of "Original Sin" and "Eternal Punishment".

...the character of God ... has been besmirched and twisted out of all recognition: until, instead of a God of Love who is the soul of generosity and long-suffering and mercy, we have a Despot who is a bundle of contradictions: loving enough to send His Son to die for sinners but too careless to make sure that they heard about it: not willing that any should perish but knowing that the vast majority would: the essence of unselfishness and yet creating this groaning world for His own glory and pleasure.

No effort can be too great to rescue the reputation of our Lord from these aspersions and to enable every man to worship Him with a satisfied mind as well as a loving heart, and to drive the antagonist into the confusion of folly.

(extracts from the introduction)