the unreasonable hardness of their own heart, not of God's, which will be responsible for their fearful condition. Yet God will make use of them for the eternal warning of the righteous.

N.B.2. If it be objected that it had been better for God not to have created at all, with His foreknowledge that the result of so doing would be the creation of Hell as well as Heaven, the answer is:

(a) that He is in no sense responsible for Hell; it is an unwanted addendum forced upon Him by the wicked,

(b) that it would be most unfair to deprive the righteous of their happiness, just because some elected to play the fool and preferred misery to happiness, without a cause.

What amazing joy it will be to know that a happy eternity in a glorious place with a loving God and kindly companions is finally assured! No wonder that those who believe the promises of God are exhorted to shout upon their beds! True emotion is the inevitable effect upon the soul of facts. The greater the facts the greater the emotion. No emotion can be too great in the face of the greatest of all facts, Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God.

The Justice of God

Finally God has laid down in His Book certain lines which He always follows in Judgment. Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

1. Matthew 11:21-24. God will take into account at that day not only what one did, hut what one would have done under happier circumstances. cp. Mt. 10:15, I Sam. 30:21-25.

2. John 15:22-25. There is a real sense in which men do not have not sin until they see and hate God. It is the person who knows it all and yet falls away, who is utterly hopeless. Heb. 6:4-8, 10:26-31, II Peter 2:20-22.

3. Matthew 10:41-42. A man will he credited with doing the thing with which he sympathised though he had no opportunity himself. It is the intents of the heart which count with God. cp. Mt. 20:6-7.

4. Matthew 25:31-46. Love for and kindness to any Son of God, will be counted as love and kindness to The unknown Son of God. cp. Mt. 10:40, 18:5.