Harriet E. Jones C. L. Parker
Music score
Play / stopRS 514

1.  If our Lord should come to-night
With the bright angelic host,
Would He find us in His vineyard,
Ev'ry servant at his post?
Thro' the precious, cleansing blood
Are our garments clean and white?
Are we dwelling in the light,
Should our Lord appear to night?

2.  If our Lord should come to-night,
Come as King and Judge of all,
Are there any here assembled
Who would tremble at His call?
Is there one, oh, is there one
Far from Jesus and the light,
Unrepentant, lost, undone,
If the Judge should come to-night?

3.  Christ as King and Judge will come,
'Tis recorded in His book;
He will bid us stand before Him
Not a soul will He o'erlook!
Are we ready, ev'ry one?
Are we in the raiment white?
If the Judge of all mankind
Should appear this very night?

Are we watching, are we waiting
In the raiment pure and white?
Should we joy at His appearing
If our Lord should come to-night?