Tersteegen (vv 1-2)
Jean Sophia Pigott (vv 3-5)
C. L. Parker
Music score
Play / stopRH 575RS 496

1.  Thou sweet belovèd will of God,
My anchor ground, my fortress hill,
My spirit's silent, fair abode,
In Thee I hide me, and am still.

2.  O will that willest good alone,
Lead Thou the way, Thou guidest best;
A little child, I follow on,
And trusting, lean upon Thy breast.

3.  Oh, lightest burden, sweetest yoke!
It lifts, it bears my happy soul;
It giveth wings to this poor heart;
My freedom is Thy grand control.

4.  Upon God's will I lay me down,
As child upon its mother's breast;
No silken couch, nor softest bed,
Could ever give me such deep rest.

5.  Thy wonderful grand will, my God,
With triumph now I make it mine;
And faith shall cry a joyous "Yes!"
To every dear command of Thine.