The Christian Age, then, ends with a profound change both in Heaven and on earth. Satan and his angels will be cast down out of the first Heaven into Hades, a place of temporary confinement, there to remain in the helpless torment of lonely and complete inaction till the end of the Millennium, after which they will be set free again for a short moment to test the obedience of the Gentiles to their Jewish masters. In the third Heaven the Lord Jesus and His Brethren, the latter in different ranks according to the faithfulness of their lives on the earth, will be set to rule over the universe, some over ten cities, some over five, and a third company cast out of Heaven into outer darkness owing to their refusal to take part in their Master's work during their earthly lives, (cf. Matthew 25:24-30; Luke 19:13-26; 1 Corinthians 3:10-15; Revelation 19).

Upon the earth there will be tremendous physical changes in Palestine, and the whole Jewish people will come to a resurrection, and live in a new and splendid Palestine for the period of the Millennium, ruling over the Gentiles and being in charge of the Temple of God, which will be magnificently rebuilt in the new Jerusalem (Ezekiel 36-48; Zechariah 12-14).

The Millennium, however, will come to an end, when Satan will be allowed to come to the earth again and persuade some of the Gentiles to revolt against the Jews. God, however, will bring to nought this last effort of Satan and