In the beginning of the present Age in which we are living the whole scene was changed, and there was an astounding revelation of the most important of all the plans of God in the whole course of His creative activity. Hitherto it had looked as if He were mainly interested in this earth: but in this Age He is seen to have transferred His attention from earth to Heaven. There had been passages in the Old Testament from time to time which revealed the activities of Angels in the affairs of men (Daniel 10), but the hopes of men had been confined to their future upon this earth or the earth to come. In the New Testament, however, it is made plain that God is now concerned not merely with the future of His earth, but also with that of the Heavens, where the two angelic companies are still struggling with each other to dispute the Government of the earth (Daniel 8:9-12, 23-25; 10:13, 18-21; Job 1 and 2; Revelation 12:3-4).

It is revealed that God has decided to bring forth an entirely new Creation in the Heavens, that had never been thought of before, even His Own Royal Family, the Sons of God and Brethren of Christ, who should take the place originally given to Lucifer and his angels, and guarantee the eternal peace and happiness of the New Earth and Heavens (Revelation 21:1). Out of this majestic company was to come also a Bride for Christ Himself, formed out of those whose love for Him was unalloyed.

The faithful Jew had a promise of earthly blessing from God cf. Revelation 21. The faithful Christian, on the other hand, is taught to expect great trials to his faith upon this earth, even to martyrdom (John 21:15-19). There is a tendency