Of all the Ages which we have to consider, the Jewish Age seems to have been the most disappointing. It began with the most extraordinary exhibition through Moses and Joshua of the Love and Power and Purpose of God yet given to man. The miracles in Egypt itself, the deliverance from Pharaoh at the Red Sea, the continuous display of God's presence and power in the wilderness were enough to convince everyone that they had no reason to fear the future with such a Friend in Heaven! And yet it needed but a few months in the wilderness, and a few years in Palestine after Joshua's death, to reveal the obstinate unbelief and love of evil in their hearts.

As the years passed by there is an unrelieved story of backsliding, with the exception of a few short periods of time under Samuel, David, Elijah, Elisha, etc., and in the case of the Ten Tribes of downright idolatry and wickedness and rejection of Jehovah to whom they owed everything! Even the restoration of the Jews under Ezra and Nehemiah did nothing to change their minds: and in a few years we find them, after many vicissitudes, under Roman Rule in Palestine, with only the outward show of a corrupt Temple clique to remind them of Jehovah.

Finally the real state of their hearts was irrevocably shown by their execution of God Himself as a criminal upon the Cross of Calvary! This was followed by their scattering all over the earth after the capture of Jerusalem, the destruction