God into small companies by the confusion of tongues, because it was too dangerous to leave them together. Already the nightmare of an earth united under a single despot was beginning to appear, a nightmare which is today the fascinating dream of the communist, and will become for a short moment the actual achievement of Anti-Christ. Yet the "confusion of Tongues" of Genesis 11:7-9 has postponed for many years this final tragedy, and made the last mass-rebellion of mankind against its Creator more difficult of realisation. Tyrants have found their way challenged by other tyrants, and nation has risen against nation, as portrayed by the wild beasts of Daniel, and thus have delayed the ambition of Satan to steal God's earth and sit upon His Throne, if only for a moment, amidst the acclamations of his people.

Note A. The Historicity of Noah's Flood

For some years the wilful and determined denial of unbelieving scientists, and, following their lead, the foolish humour of a generation or two, made light of Noah's Ark, and declared that there was no trace of such a flood ever having happened. But now the tables are turned upon the scoffers, not by theologians but by the same unbelieving scientists, unwillingly brought face to face with unquestionable facts!

1. In different parts of Mesopotamia Professor Langdon of Oxford and Sir Leonard Woolley dug down to reach 8-11 feet of water-laid clay. To quote the latter's words "The flood which deposited it must have been of a magnitude unparalleled in local history. That it was so is further proved by the fact that the clay bank marks a definite break in the continuity of the local culture. A whole civilisation, which existed before it, is lacking above it, and seems to have been submerged by the waters. When we made these observations two months ago we were loath to believe that we had