We know not how long it was that darkness and chaos held sway over the earth; but, however long or short it was, there came a moment when the Spirit of God began again to move upon the wreck, and day by day Light and Life and Order came into Being, until it became clear that the Almighty meant to make a new beginning, which He Himself would superintend instead of leaving it to Angels as before.

And so evening by evening the Son of God descended from Heaven to earth and held sweet converse with Adam and Eve in the Garden He had prepared for them; for His delights were with the children of men (Proverbs 8:31). We see a lovely picture of this intercourse in Genesis 2:18-25. Man is a gregarious creature and needs company: but amongst all the animals which God brought before Adam, not one was found sufficient to meet his need: a week, a month, a year exhausted their possibilities of companionship, and left Adam more and more acutely aware of his isolation! It was to such a hungry soul that God brought Eve, and Adam found the satisfying answer to his complaint! Now, nought remained but to taste the possibilities of this new world with their Creator at hand to answer their queries and direct their steps.

It must have looked to the Angels as if the stage was set for unlimited success, now that God Himself was in the midst of His Creation. Surely no harm could come to Adam