and a New Earth which have not yet been created? In any case the vast scope of the Heavens with its enormous, and maybe expanding, number of Heavenly bodies, must have aroused curiosity in their minds, and the realisation that Lucifer occupied a position of the closest proximity to the Son of God, being the anointed Cherub that covereth.

2. The Creation of the Earth

The time came, however, when God took His second step, and before the astonished and delighted gaze of the Angelic Host created the Earth! They shouted for joy, we are told (Job 38:7), when they saw before their eyes their life's work, for which they had been brought into being. Everything had been carefully prepared by God, and they found themselves divided into different ranks, Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, Powers (Ephesians 1:21) with Lucifer at their head.

Of this Pre-Adamic world there is no written history, but buried in the earth are the relics of a creation of surpassing beauty. There must have been at that time a sub-tropical climate over the whole earth; for mammoths, which can only live where there is green food in tropical abundance, eating as they do half a ton per day per mammoth, flourished by the thousand in what is now Siberia! Yet they were frozen so suddenly that the food they were eating at the time has remained fresh in their mouths and stomachs until today, and their flesh when dug up is also as fresh as it was on the day of their sudden death thousands of years ago! Coalfields also, which are the product of similarly luxuriant vegetation, have but lately been found under the ice of the Polar regions! The remains of human beings also have been found buried in the Pre-Adamic earth at various places!

3. The Fall of Lucifer and Decay of the Earth

How long this Creation continued in its perfection we do