in solitary confinement. It is impossible to prevent him wanting to do evil: only the sinner himself could do that: but he can be prevented from doing what he wants. And this the Lord God will do out of Love for the righteous. When once our wills have finally chosen love or selfishness, the Lord will be brought to His final judgment of us, and we shall pass either into His Kingdom or into His prison. The happiness of God's people will depend upon the security of God's jail! We are shown in Scripture (Revelation 20:7-10) that when Satan, after spending a thousand years in God's prison, is again released for a short time, it is not long before he has undermined the peace of the Millennium, and brought about the last catastrophe which God will allow to plague the earth.

People often speak of Hell as if it were too cruel to be true. The truth is the exact opposite, that it is our one hope of unbroken happiness. It is not Hell that is cruel, but its prisoners, who are determined to gain their own desires at the expense of others, unless they are prevented. Were the wicked to be allowed eternal liberty then we would have nothing to expect but an eternal continuation of the griefs and sorrows which this earth has known for so many thousands of years. What relief did the deaths of Mussolini and Hitler bring to millions of souls, and what apprehension is in the world today at the lives of those who still threaten us with modern war! So long as the wicked are at liberty the souls of men are in constant anxiety, such as now pervades the earth. The Lord has allowed sinners such apparent liberty to wreck this earth and satisfy their own evil desires in order that all may be fully satisfied that Hell is not only justified but is their only hope of security. There will never be any desire that Hell might be emptied of its prisoners, but only an eternal thankfulness that at last peace and