It has been a pleasure to peruse the manuscript of this book and its contents have afforded much interest and profit. In reading its pages I have caught again the intonation of the author's voice, as though a tape recorder were expressing the words rather than the eyes scanning them.

"C.L."—as we called him—was a choice soul, and was the possessor of a clear intellect. His penetrating thoughts flashed with lightning speed from an agile brain. Those students who were privileged to sit before him in the College lecture room will never forget his dynamic presentation of the truth.

To know him was to love him. His earnestness in proclaiming the glories of God's Word was not the zeal of an austere man, concerned mainly about ecclesiastical dignity, but rather that of a vehement soul pouring forth the sacred truth. Far from being a cloistered monk, C.L. was a volcano, pouring out streams of molten lava.

His keen sense of buoyant humour freed him from sanctimoniousness without destroying his earnestness. He laughed, not so much at things merely funny, but at things that were great and ennobling, so profound that puny man shrank to insignificance and God became all glorious in His eternal resplendency.

This Volume is a little study from the pen of one who has now run his course; one who, being dead, yet speaketh. It could be said that his spoken words were even richer and greater than his written words, because of the Spirit's unction that always seemed to rest upon him. Since it is not possible to enjoy his oral utterances any more, we shall greatly prize the rich pages of meditation he has left us as a spiritual legacy.