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The owners of the copyright of the text and illustrations in the printed editions of Foundation Truths, 'Original Sin' and Eternal Punishment, Covet Earnestly, The Mystery of God, According to Plan, and Sweet Harmonies have granted me permission to publish these internet editions of the books, and have kindly provided the page about the author.

I am especially grateful to Mr John L. Parker, C. L. Parker’s son, who has generously undertaken careful reading of the text of each of these internet editions of the books. As a result, not only were some errors in my transcription from the printed editions identified and corrected, but also some improvements were made to the clarity of the text by minor amendments to the punctuation etc.

If you wish to report any typographical errors, or any technical problems with the working of this web site, you may e-mail me as shown below. Please note that I will not, in answer to any e-mail enquiry, comment on the contents of the books. As a precaution against auto-harvesting by junk e-mailers, I give my e-mail address in three parts, which should be put together without spaces:

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