his hand but without any desire to help Saul, the enemy of God's people!

There is then a double act of faith in the operation of these particular gifts. The one has to receive the gift from God, and the sick person has to receive it from the one sent to hand it on. The marvellous case of Betty Baxter seems to have run on these same lines. For the Lord appeared to her and to her mother, and told them the exact day and hour upon which He would heal her. She believed and made herself ready: had she not prepared herself in faith by buying the articles of dress which she would require she would not perhaps have been able to receive the blessing! It is possible then in this way to receive a gift of a healing either for oneself or somebody else. In either case faith is the channel of reception as in all God's dealings with man.

Finally then whereas the healings which follow the preaching of the Gospel, or which come to church members through the prayer of the elders, do not require those who pray the prayer of faith to be baptized in the Holy Ghost—simple faith in the word of God is sufficient—these "gifts of healings" can only come to those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells and so is able to communicate His special will. The Spirit is of course "with" all believers but is only "in" those who have received Him into their bodies in the Baptism of the Spirit.

To sum up then, the Lord has made His will clear for universal healing of the body as He has for universal salvation of the soul; for those as yet unsaved, the preaching of the Gospel accompanied by the healing of the body (He healed them all, Matt. 12:15); for those who are members of