cast-iron faith in impossible situations, e.g. Paul's angel in the most dangerous shipwreck (Acts 27:23), Our Lord's angel in Gethsemane (Luke 22:43), Elisha when surrounded by a hostile army (2 Kings 6:13‑16), Our Lord's visit from Moses and Elijah, who talked with him of his death, when no man on earth was willing to do so. Moses was able to testify to resurrection after death, and Elijah to Rapture from the earth. Between them they could take the Lord from the grave to glory! The most striking modern example of such gifts is that of Mr. Baker's Adullam Orphanage in Yunnan Fu, where his boys were given wonderful visions of heaven, angels and Our Lord, presumably to strengthen them for the fearful trials that would befall them in manhood under the Communists. Let us pray that we, too, who are entering into the last conflicts of this Age, may be similarly strengthened and enabled to overcome all attacks of Satan.