Eunuch of Ethiopia (Acts 8) and so to found a Christian Church which has lasted till today; who showed the praying leaders at Antioch the next step to take in world Evangelization (Acts 13); who equipped Peter to meet the new situation at Caesarea (Acts 10), and showed Our Lord whom to choose as His Apostles after a night of prayer (Luke 6:12‑13).

A quite modern example of this gift is of a sister in one of our Assemblies, who had prayed for a certain old lady for over two years without seeing her or having any idea how to deal with her. One day, however, as she was praying the Lord told her to go and visit her. So, having asked her pastor to accompany her, she knocked at the old lady's door. When the old lady came and saw her she asked what she wanted, and, on being told that the Lord had sent her, related to this sister how she had asked God to send her someone to tell her how to be saved from Hell. She had given God a month in which to do this, after which she would trouble no more; and this was the last day of the month! As a consequence of this word of wisdom not only was the old lady saved herself, but also some old men who lodged in her house! The Lord knew how to solve our sister's problem and give her the guidance she needed; and the old lady was brought to a saving faith by the dramatic message from God at what He, and He alone, knew was the very last moment!

There has, however, arisen amongst us a prejudice against seeking for, or accepting a word of wisdom from God in our deliberations, and a preference for depending upon the vote of the majority. So strong is this feeling that when from