of Wisdom and A Word of Knowledge. There is then, I think, no such spiritual gift as the ability to speak with wisdom or knowledge, when one will. This ability can come to any Christian, whether baptized in the Holy Ghost or not, and is the result of Bible Study and maturity in the Christian life. But "a word of wisdom" and "a word of knowledge", as mentioned in 1 Cor. 12, can only come to one who is baptized in the Holy Ghost, and does not spring from any natural ability, however developed, nor any exertion of the human will. They are expressions of the wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Ghost, not of the recipient, and are, like all the gifts, miraculous interpositions of the Lord to meet the needs of the moment.

There lies behind the immediate advantages given by these Acts of the Spirit the great aim that those amongst whom these gifts are used may be led to say that "God is in you of a truth" and so accept the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 14:25). It is in itself a difficult thing to believe that someone of whom you know nothing at all is indeed the messenger of the Living God, with a message of eternal Life or Death in his mouth! God has, in fact, never desired this to take place, but has always wished to accredit His messenger's words by His own actions (Mark 16:15-20). Indeed, even His own Beloved Son (Luke 4:14) and His disciples (Matt. 10:8), as well as His apostolic Church (Acts 1:4-8) did not begin their ministry until their words could be accompanied by the Spirit's acts. From Moses (Exod. 4) to Paul (Acts 28:7-10) there is a continuous work of the Holy Spirit to enable men to