obey the true. Moses in Deut. 13:1‑5 and 18:17‑22 laid down the rules for safety. Any prophet, such as in our times a Spiritist or Mormon, who seeks to lead away from the truth which God has revealed in His Word is not to be accepted, even if he backs up his error with a sign which comes to pass; and any prophet who gives a sign which fails to come to pass is likewise to be rejected. At this particular point in history there is about to be staged in Jerusalem the last gigantic fight between false and true prophets (Rev. 11 and 13): the former will even bring down fire from heaven: but in this great conflict the two witnesses will be recognisable by the fact that they stand for the Word of God in contrast to the false prophets who seek to deny it.

In 1933 a student at the Hampstead Bible School prophesied of the tapers which were burning so brightly at that time and in whose light we were all rejoicing, that they would all go out, and that the Lord would send a wind to blow away the ashes, after which He would light lamps. In a short time those lovely tapers were no longer burning and have had no successors; and today we are to look forward to the raising up, not of more tapers, but of Churches ablaze with the Gifts of the Spirit to the blessing of all around. At the beginning there were no Churches; they sprang from the light of the tapers; but today there are many Churches, which could burst into flames at the touch of the Holy Ghost. Lamps are brighter than tapers, and we are to look forward to even more blessed things in the future than we enjoyed in the past.