prophecy, and Paul had left the Gentiles, as at Ephesus, to hurry back to an obsolete Jewish Festival. Yet his sufferings in Jerusalem did not come as an unexpected shock, but as a trial of which he had had full warning, and against which he was fully armed, the reason for which he fully understood. Never again would he visit the infidel Temple at Jerusalem, of which Our Lord had foretold the destruction.

4. Finally our Lord uses His prophets to foretell future events, as Agabus foretold the famine that was to come, and thus enabled the Church to make preparation for it. So also Paul was able to foretell the happy conclusion of the shipwreck upon an island, and his trial before Caesar (Acts 27:23‑26) and thus save the desperate situation. So the Camden Town Assembly, threatened with the requisition of their Hall by the Local Council, for which they paid rent, were told through prophecy that they could either have their own Hall or another. They chose to retain their own, and then were told that the Lord would give it to them. They laid hold upon these promises as the Word of God through a prophet, and both promises were, against all likelihood humanly speaking, wonderfully performed. Their Hall was at the very last moment derequisitioned, and then was freely given to them by the owners! I can myself testify that every major event in my Pentecostal life has been clearly foretold in prophecy long before it occurred, so that even in the worst trials I have had, as Peter says (2 Pet. 1:19), "a light shining in a dark place." Mr. Howard Carter used to tell us at the Bible School that The Lord had said to him in prophecy that he should have heaps