Introducing a Great Theme

THE LORD JESUS came down from Heaven to save the whole world: but as long as He was in the flesh He felt Himself "straitened" or "hemmed in" (Luke 12:50). He had to spend the few years of His earthly ministry in a small country, preaching to an unappreciative nation. Even the fact that at Jordan He was baptized in the Holy Ghost, and after that could move in His power (Luke 4:14) did not satisfy Him. All His life He was looking forward to that prolongation of His ministry which should be His after the Resurrection (Isaiah 53:10). No longer then would He be confined to two feet and one tongue, but would be able to use a million tongues and feet, freely offered to Him by His Brethren, and so penetrate all over the earth and send the good news of His Atonement to every creature.

Yet it was not enough that the message of Salvation should be universally proclaimed. Messiah though He was, and fully prepared by His Father during the hidden years of Isaiah 49:1,2, yet by Himself He could not meet the needs of His people, but required the power of the Spirit to back home His words and satisfy His compassion. Love without the ability to help those we love is a grievous burden, enough to break the heart! Luke 11:5‑13 is a picture of Our Lord's heart,