Father, not upon some self-chosen escapade like the fallen angels who also left their first estate, but to do the will of Him who sent Him. He had known from eternity what it was to live in trustful dependence upon His Father. Now that hidden life was to be manifested to men, and He who had obeyed Him in the light was to trust Him in the dark, that all might know that He came to live and die because He loved the Father. In Hebrews 2:13 is given the badge of Divine Sonship worn by all the Royal Family: their faith and hope have been in God.

There is a purely human courage which enables a man to face danger through confidence in his own right arm, his own resources of soul and body. There is another courage which rests not upon itself but upon the Love and Power of another, the courage of Faith in God. This it was that nerved the Son of God as He faced the Incarnation.

Before the actual Incarnation, however, there was to be, as it were, a 'disrobing' of the Son of God. In Paul's vivid phrase 'He emptied Himself' (Philippians 2:7), and thus became poor for our sakes. The Son of God was to live on earth a purely human life with all the disabilities that that entailed. He was to know experiences and trials which are impossible to God in His fulness: for He was to be tempted, to be weak, to suffer and to die. Therefore He laid aside His wisdom that He might know what it was to grow in wisdom; His power that He might learn to depend upon the power of the Holy Spirit; His immortality that He might taste death for every man. In other words, He emptied Himself of everything which might give Him an advantage over any other man, and became 'the man, Christ Jesus'.

It has sometimes happened that a man has left his home to go to business in the morning as usual, and at midday found himself in a hospital ward wondering who he is and what he is doing, a victim of amnesia. While the attack