4 Adam to the Flood

AFTER THE LAPSE of unknown time had sufficed to drive home to the hearts of all who beheld it the tragedy of pride and disobedience, the Son of God arose to seek another friend with whose aid He could repair the ravages of the past. The Earth was set in order once again and man was brought forth in the likeness of God, that in the cool of the eve, and in daily conversation, the heart of the Son of God might be healed and refreshed by the love of Adam and Eve. His delights were with them, we read, as He began once more to educate him who should have dominion over the earth.

What grades there are of love! Who would put into the same category fair and foul weather friends! Adam and Eve should be given an opportunity of proving themselves and realising the goodness of their God. Accordingly Satan in all his treachery and bitter hatred was allowed to enter Eden that the experience of his wickedness should fill them by contrast with a deeper comprehension of the Love of God. The slander of a friend arouses in us the greater determination to go to his defence. Speak against a lover to his lass, and we but drive her closer to his heart! So God, who had given to Adam and Eve all they had, might well have expected to find them up in arms against His slanderer.

Again the former tragedy was repeated. So wicked grew