3 The Creation

NO 'GREAT MAGICIAN' waved an irresponsible wand, nor did an astonished worm emerge from some primeval slime! No, it was upon the solid foundation of the self-devotion of the Son of God that there sprang into being the start of the Creation. The Heavens appeared; and the sequence of the Ages had its beginning.

Gathering up the few references we have to this period, it seems that the Angels were created and then trained for their work of ruling the earth which was later to appear. Head of them all, and most receptive to the mind of God, was Lucifer, the chief friend of the Son of God. Out of that companionship there emerged a soul perfect in wisdom, and able to undertake the most difficult tasks and to stand at the head of his companion angels.

To him and them the Lord entrusted the earth, which sprang into being in such a way that they could not restrain their shouts of joy. From him, and them, the Lord received the first of those stabs of treachery which were later to pierce His heart so continually. So well had Lucifer been trained by the Son of God that he successfully accomplished the task entrusted to him; but out of this success was born, not gratitude to the God who gave it, but pride: and the awful thought of supplanting his Benefactor entered his