2 The Grace of the One Man,  Jesus Christ

WE ARE TOLD ENOUGH in the Scriptures of what happened before the creation to know that in the foreknowledge of God the whole plan of the ages was laid before the Godhead. The vast possibilities were seen, but also the great dangers inherent in any scheme which had to take account of the free-will of angels and men. A creation in which wise and loving creatures would enjoy eternal happiness could easily turn into a nightmare of selfishness and cruelty in which all the aims of the Creator would be frustrated. One fool can destroy much good, and the possibility of reckless sin had to be taken into account. Magnificent though the scheme was it could not be put into operation unless its success could be assured.

It is at this point that the record of the life of Christ begins for us, and we catch our first glimpse of His nature. For it was made plain to Him that only at His expense could the plan proceed; only if He was willing to bear the consequences of any sin which might arise to wreck the universe would His Father be justified in creating.

When Abraham had split the wood, he looked into Isaac's eyes in deep emotion and disclosed God's will that he, Abraham, should sacrifice him upon that wood. So must the Eternal Father have looked at His Only Begotten Son as He disclosed to Him that this glorious plan all depended upon