won Him the Name which is above every name. He learned by years of patient endurance that God values patience above success, and obedience above ability.

Yet in addition to all this there came into His heart during these years such a love and compassion for His people, the people of God, that He could rightly be called Israel. As the Kings of England and France were called 'England' and 'France' by Shakespeare, so was Jesus called 'Israel' by the God of Israel. Year after year the pitiable condition of the Jews was borne in upon Him, their corrupt priesthood, proud clergy, famished souls and oppressed bodies. Everywhere He looked there was spiritual starvation and political oppression. The years He had spent listening to dull expositions of the Torah in the synagogue of Nazareth, attending Godless Passovers in Jerusalem, hearing of false Messiahs in Palestine made Him long for His opportunity to preach the Gospel of the Grace of God to them—indeed to tour Palestine, as Wesley was later to tour England, putting the Light into every city, town and village. As year after year passed and His eyes saw the degradation of Nazareth and Galilee (it was no accident that His Father put Him there in a village out of which no saint could be expected to emerge), there in Nazareth which was soon to attempt His murder He tasted to the full the deterioration of human nature without God, and needed not that any should warn Him about it: He had endured it in His own Person. The condition of the Priesthood was of course common property at this time. The Sadducees were little better than the Borgias. the Temple as worldly as the Vatican, the populace as ignorant as the heathen. There grew from day to day a livelier desire to purge this Augean stable, to have a spring-cleaning in His Father's House, to let people see what God had intended the Temple to be. The zeal of His Father's House was