jigsaw puzzle in which each separate piece must be found and fitted into its right place. It is here a little, there a little, precept upon precept, line upon line, so that the human reader is repelled by the difficulty of making it all out, and falls backward into ignorance. It takes a man who is prepared to dig for truth, as another digs for gold, with his whole energy and desire to find the wisdom of God and the understanding of the Almighty.

Such was the Son of God. The first thirty years of His life were spent in digging, digging, digging till He knew what every Rabbi could have known if he too had been prepared to dig. But the Pharisees had taken away the Key of Knowledge. The leaders of the people alone knew the Hebrew which enabled them to read the Scriptures in the original language. How Christ, deprived by his parents of the tuition of the Rabbis, learnt that language we know not. His critics were amazed that He understood it, though He had not been to their schools. He must have taught Himself, as many another humble Christian since His time has taught himself Greek and Hebrew, yes and a dozen languages on the mission field too, that had never been put on paper—from a love of the truth and a desire to please their God. And when in conflict with those who sought to upset Him in argument He had the right answer ready; the sharp sword cut through the net of lies and gave Him victory.