Gamaliel, who sat in Moses' seat, and be taught the Word of God. Great sacrifices were made by parents of such children to give them every advantage of education. Hannah had deprived herself of her son's companionship at an early age that he might serve the Lord in His Temple. She felt that the son so divinely given should be given back to the Giver.

It is almost incredible, yet a fact, that no such thought seems to have entered the minds of Mary and Joseph concerning Jesus. So utterly had their faith died that they had no higher destiny for Him than that He should carry on 'his father's business' in Nazareth. Against this wet blanket of unbelief the boy Jesus had fought in vain. In the village, in His home, everywhere, He was known as Joseph's son: but He knew full well His Father's real name; it was Jehovah.

At the age of twelve or thirteen it was customary for a Jewish youth to take his own spiritual stand, as one who was now bound to obey the Law and be responsible to God. And this Jesus did in such a drastic fashion as might be calculated to jerk His family into recognition of the truth.

When Mary and Joseph returned home to Nazareth, for that was their home, Jesus tarried in the House of God, for that was His Home! In doing this without telling them He caused them great anxiety and agony of mind. They looked for Him everywhere but in the right place, so dull was their spiritual perception. As He said to them, 'How was it that you didn't know where to look for me? Where would you naturally look for a child but in his father's house? Why did you call Joseph my father when you know quite well that my Father is not Joseph but Jehovah?' We read that so completely had they lost grip that they could not even understand what He meant! Mary and Joseph had both forgotten the words of Gabriel;