9 'My Father's Business'

IF EVENTS TOOK some such course as just described in that little village of Nazareth, what about the Babe Himself as He awoke upon Mary's breast? What has the Scripture to tell us about His experience of life? Very little in words; a great deal in illumination.

After the emptying of the Son of God it was of course necessary that He should again become full. A baby could not do the work of God: that was for a full grown man. The Scriptures tell us that at the age of twelve years Jesus was being filled with wisdom, and that at thirty He was full of truth. Whence came this filling, that was to make Him the image of the Invisible God?

When a citizen of one country moves to another he often sends on in advance the furniture and luggage that he used in his old place of abode to his new home, that he may be surrounded again by his own belongings. When a child is to be born, long before its actual birth busy fingers have been filling the bottom drawer with the clothes the little one will need when it appears. The parents make all provision for the long-expected treasure of their hearts.

So when the Son of God moved from Heaven to earth He had sent on the thoughts of His mind before Him, that when He awoke He should find His own spiritual