has often with unreasoning piety deprived Jesus of Nazareth of His real glory, and put Him into a sham fight which He fought with advantages which made victory easy. The incredible doctrine of the two natures has succeeded for centuries in mystifying the intellect of believers, and saddening their hearts. How can I, a man, take example from One who was God, with all the tremendous advantage contained in that fact? Of course God could live sinlessly, of course He could work miracles, of course He could not be overcome.

Take heart O thou whom Christ is not ashamed to call a brother. It is true that it was God who did these things: but it is equally true that it was God emptied, God living a human life for thirty years, God voluntarily bereft of all His advantages for your sake; God praying to God, God needing succour from God and overcoming through the dependence of weakness; God who only knew victory because the Grace of His Father came to the rescue of His own weakness; God who, like Gideon, was strengthened by the appearance of a mere angel, and fortified by a meal provided, like Elijah's, by angels; God who, like Paul, knew that when He was weak then was He strong. Your fight was His fight, your resources His resources, your difficulties His difficulties. Even His flesh He took from David and Adam through Mary's womb; His body grew up with all the normal difficulties of adolescence and manhood. He was indeed at all points tempted as you are—yet, unlike you, never overcome! From the beginning He set His face as a flint to obey God, and He obeyed Him to the end.