already had a hand in the preliminaries, and carried down to Zacharias, Mary and Joseph the first news of the coming event. Simeon too had received advance information. On the other hand Satan was already forming his plan to destroy the young child at birth. There should be no room in the inn save in the cattle shed; and if the babe survived that insanitary birthplace, Herod should be roused by the Magi's enquiry to cut Him off with the jealous sword. All Heaven indeed was agog with interest as the day of the amazing adventure drew nigh: only earth was wrapped in the sleep of ignorant unbelief; earth which had been warned centuries before that such a Son should be born to them, a Son Who should be the Mighty God.

How tremendous that last moment, when with supreme confidence in the Almighty Father, the only-begotten Son lost hold of Himself and fell asleep on the bosom of Jehovah, to wake again in the arms of Mary!