Pain, suffering, hatred, contempt, misunderstanding, loneliness, fear and shock were all to be His portion—which could so easily be avoided, but only at our expense. The setting of His face as a flint began far back: the disciples only saw on earth what had long ago been plain in Heaven, that in the hour of danger and difficulty the Son of God stood as a rock and faced it with unflinching courage.

It was here too, before the Ages began, that the Sanctification of Our Lord began. An undertaking so vast, so difficult, so dangerous, demanded from Him His whole endeavour, and ungrudgingly received it. From that moment He pleased not Himself, but gave Himself unreservedly to that work which He was called to share with His Father and the Holy Spirit. Deep called to deep, and was answered from a whole heart and soul. The One to Whom the responsibility for so great a work was to be entrusted could allow no other interests to enter His Heart and Life. From henceforth the creation was to be His sole preoccupation. Created by His Father with His co-operation, it was in the fullest sense to be for Him. From Archangels to sparrows His mercies and His attentions were to be ever-present. He must neither slumber nor sleep, but in complete devotion bear it upon His shoulders and upon His heart.

Stress is laid in Scripture upon one other motive which entered into the Lord's heart and enabled Him to go forward in so difficult a path. There was at last to arise out of this vast undertaking a company which should be peculiarly His own. Described variously as His Brethren, His Bride and His Church, they were to be the first fruits of the New Creation; those who, lifted into a position above that of man or even angels, should sit upon His Throne and share with Him throughout Eternity the Government of this vast universe. This was His treasure hid in the field; not a responsibility to be carried on His shoulders, but rather those who would share the load and lighten the burden,